Hello Summer!

It is that time of year again where everything seems just a little bit sweeter. The pressure of daily routine shifts and the world appears to be more relaxed. Our berry bushes are filled with nature's jewels. I went out this morning and collected just around the back yard for a few minutes and came in with a quart.
I know the next week is going to be filled with sticky hands and the sounds of little thumps as the berries are collected.
As I gather and walk around trying not to get pricked by the thorns, everything about this feels true to my soul. There is some kind of deep wisdom I feel that the forest is whispering to me.
I became a nature lover as a wee girl living in N. California. My earliest memories are of rivers, trees and many hours playing outdoors. My parents had friends Lyn & Jo Bates, they came over and they would use the slide projector to share their vacation adventures. I fell in with traveling by dreaming of going on those adventures too.
Summer just brings all those things I love together. We don't have any grand plans this season but long for a trip back to Alaska again to be with family.
The kids and I will just have to make a not-so-bummer Summer list together soon because I feel like it is slipping away all to quickly.


Ninny said...

Yay for wineberries. If you do come pack me a jar of jam. I'll trade you for some Alaskan grown stuff. Love you!

Magical Mom said...

The harvest is so plentiful this year Ginny! You should come. I have made simple syrups for wineberry spritzers. Come visit my porch :)

Ninny said...

I'll be there in my heart. Wineberry spritzers sound divine!