A Glimmer

My sweet giant of a little boy is slowly finding his way in this big world. I stroke his hair at night after I have sung his lullaby and wonder how he will create his path and stay afloat or if the seas will swallow him up.

Last week he had what we call a melt down. Quayde had taken him to cub scouts and somehow he had believed that I was coming to take him on a date afterwards. Thayne was devastated that he wasn't going to have a date. Quayde tried to explain that he had misunderstood and took him to get a sandwich. Thayne would have nothing of it and cried all the way home.

The next day, Thayne made a choice to play a computer game on his dad's computer. This game is not supposed to be played at home because it uses up all our bandwidth. He then was grounded. All in all, the week wasn't turning out so well for him.

Then this happened! All on his own he made himself a chart. He said he wanted to track what was going on with his feelings. The top was good days, then making bad choices, then feeling crazy inside, and then the last when he had a meltdown and why.

Thayne really doesn't have too many crazy days anymore now that we watch what he eats, and usually the meltdown times are when he is tired. Heck, I have meltdowns when I am tired. Just the fact that he did this on his own is so huge! Gives me insight that he will navigate through these rough waters of life just fine. It might just take us a little longer.

This is Thayne's jug of white vinegar with his name on it. The first thing he has written his name on all by himself. Huge, I tell you, huge! Loosen the sails. We are on our way.


Every day

Our days have been quite simple as of lately. We have seminary bright and early at 6am. Lydia and I make it home about 7:30. She eats breakfast and heads for a nap. Thayne awakes and I feed him and we start on his school work. After Lydia comes to again, we do our main lesson work or a country study. Thayne heads for a video game while I do math with Lydia.
We eat lunch late. Then they make art or create with Lego. Homeschooling with only two kids is a lot easier. I really am enjoying this year.

The first part of each year always seems to go slowly, perhaps because it is cold. I think I would like to never leave when the north wind blows. Snuggling down, wrapped in a blanket with a warm mug and a good book. Sounds delightful...yes?

So for now our days are simple..until Jack Frost heads home and the cherry blossoms bloom.