Every day

Our days have been quite simple as of lately. We have seminary bright and early at 6am. Lydia and I make it home about 7:30. She eats breakfast and heads for a nap. Thayne awakes and I feed him and we start on his school work. After Lydia comes to again, we do our main lesson work or a country study. Thayne heads for a video game while I do math with Lydia.
We eat lunch late. Then they make art or create with Lego. Homeschooling with only two kids is a lot easier. I really am enjoying this year.

The first part of each year always seems to go slowly, perhaps because it is cold. I think I would like to never leave when the north wind blows. Snuggling down, wrapped in a blanket with a warm mug and a good book. Sounds delightful...yes?

So for now our days are simple..until Jack Frost heads home and the cherry blossoms bloom.

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