The Most Horrible Nightmare

This morning Lydia and I were almost ready to walk out the door to Seminary when we heard the bedroom door creak open.
We knew that meant Thayne was awake and we would be delayed leaving.

"Mom!! I had the most terrible, horrible nightmare!" He stumbled out of the room visibly upset

I told him to go get Maliea and she could sleep with him while we were gone.

"Mom, it was awful."

Being the compassionate parent I am , I gave him a hug and retold him to go get his sister because we needed to leave.

"Mom, It was so bad.. Broccoll was destroyed!" He was almost crying.

"Your stuffed broccoli?" I asked trying, not to laugh. At 5:45 in the morning a child crying over a dream about a stuffed broccoli is pretty funny.

"I can never ever take any of my stuffies to the beach!" He emphatically cried.

I gave him a quick hug, told him once again to get his sister and barely held my laughter until I walked out the door.
I really need to work on the empathy part of being a parent.