Filling My Own

 A week ago I attended an amazing workshop filled with a little bit of magic and a lot of wonder.
It was held up in Annapolis, in a quaint charming neighborhood that became our focus for the day. Soulful journaling and photography was the key to the inspirational hours. Kayce Stevens Hughlett and her husband, professional photographer Bill came all the way from Seattle to guide our group. It was organized and hosted by  Amy Steindler.

 We started our morning with a poetry reading and a unique way of introducing ourselves.
We were to take the first part of the poem..."I am From..." and write, then share.

My 'I am From'
I am from courage and weakness, from the raging river and water;
the sunlight and heat
And dirt
Oh the dirt - brown and red, dried puddles into crusty patches.
I am from the rocks that sing of eons past,
That hold steady when all around is crumbling - yes I am from those rocks.
I am also from the tender nights, the longing for quiet and hope.
I am from the dedication of all to be sacred,
And yet releasing all to God
But begging for life in that same moment.
I am from noise and laughter and chaos
The feeling of freedom to feel and grow.
I am ever changing in the from....hoping, searching and blessing what is.
Ultimately what I am from is the hope of more.....
- September 27, 2014

We had a photography lesson from Bill. He is an amazing photographer and we were blessed by his presence and guidance. Once we got our tips and hints, we headed out into the neighborhood to shoot pictures. Our task was to not think to hard about it and just shoot photos. There were two sessions of looking through our lens that day. All of these pictures I took were straight out of my camera. 

We would come back to the house and have more prompt journaling. 
This is mine from the second prompt.

Everything is open - and my destination is not clear.
I feel it shifting, hear it, smell it. 
Then I question....it is only the change in the season 
but I know better.
Where is next, what is going to be asked of me
 or can it just continue getting brighter and brighter.
The hints and clues
Why oh why do I always doubt
and then put it off when I know.
I know that the tumblers of the lock click into place
so quick;y and the door stands open.
Beckoning and inviting 
And I am always amazed at how fast it falls into place.
One would think that I would be better at trusting
this process by now.
Sometimes there is the pruning in the garden
and sorrow
But it is always never fails a bigger better joy.
The night is peaceful now and nature is bountiful.
I have learned that the key to that lock is
Always in the gratitude.
 -September 27, 2014

The day finished with a little alchemy and a slideshow of everyone's six favorite shots of the day. It was hard choosing from the 105 pictures I took. 
This workshop was so good for my soul. I had needed to do something that wasn't 'mommy' or homeschooling related. Must fill your own well in order to still serve others.