Going crazy

That is exactly how I feel right now. The boys are fighting, it is literally freezing cold outside on this last weekend of March, there are no buds or anything on any of the trees and I have reached my maxium capacity for dealing with anything. Michael is out of town AGAIN!


Good advice

QOTD: Thayne "I like friends who give good advice"

On keeping shoes laces tucked if they come undone.



I wish I could capture the sounds and feelings I am experiencing right at this moment. The earth is literally singing. The sun is out and the Frost King is retreating.

There are birds warbling songs of delight and the squirrels are running about like they have waited for this day for so long. The crackling of the ice is celebrating the hope of Spring.

As the ice melts , it sounds as if I am in the middle of a rain forest. So much joy is echoing out from nature. I am literally in tears and awe at this symphony.

Geese just fanned out overhead honking in joy and the caw of the ravens is pure bliss. I am seeing the fattest robins ever. I wonder where they have been eating this winter.

I never want to forget this moment.