This Guy!

At Abell's Wharf sans children we took a selfie. There are not very many pictures of us as a couple. We should probably remedy that. He is my everything. My soulmate. I am convinced that we have encircled many eternities together. The person that every cell in my whole body cheers for when I see him. I love it when he laughs which is not very often but he has such a great sense of humor. He is a go with the flow type which often worries me but I don't think he ever worries about much so we balance it all out that way. He travels too much for work which he loves until he doesn't. I think he just goes for the food.

I first fell in love with him while eating a banana in a USAF chow hall and then fell in love again 18 years later when he wasn't phased by all the medical equipment that filled my home. Our marriage is really, really good and we are more alike than what is probably healthy for our bedroom floor.

There are times when I wish that he had gotten the less damaged version of me but God knew what kind people we needed to be and when we needed to be so we could have this successful relationship. Yes, we sometimes drive each other crazy and that is how it should be. He is a good man trying hard to be an even better man which I believe is a rare thing in this day and age. I've been on the flip side and do not take that for granted. I am so grateful for the wonder and craziness that our life together is.
Now here is the non-beauty filter picture. hahahaha


Wonder and Curiosity

 "I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it (the child) with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity" - Eleanor Roosevelt
I love this picture of Thayne. He was totally enthralled with this enormous wasp nest that is at least 12 feet of the ground in our magnolia tree. My father-in-law says there is an old wives tale about the higher up the harder the winter. We had no snow last year at all so I am wondering what this year will bring. I am hoping though that all the wasps are gone out of that huge nest. Yikes.


Daddy's back

Michael arrived back from Italy late on the 29th. He came with gifts from the Harry Potter Store in London and with tons and tons of chocolate and treats from Italy. I think there are about 10 candy bars and tons of all kinds of other sweets. We should be set with sugar for the next couple of months. Thanks Daddy!



I love this picture of my boy and the sun. It is straight from the phone camera that way. I think it perfectly embodies Michaelmas and how we want to become emissaries of Light. Let us push back the darkness of the world, conquer our dragons and be the Light.
We just did low key things compared to past years. Thayne and Lydia hid small glass gems that they had painted and told our homeschool kids that the dragon had lost lots of scales and they were magical. The kids in our group had so much fun running around trying to find and collect all the 'dragon scales". It was a good day!


St Marys County Fair 2017

There is just something about a county fair that seems to be the same no matter where you live. The low mooing of the cows, the announcer telling what local group is on the stage next and the rows of entries of valiant farmers trying to win first prize. We actually haven't attended the last few years. Crowds, gravel paths and wheelchairs do not always mix. I thought I would gather my courage and take Thayne and Lydia for a few hours while Maliea was working.
One of Lydia's favorite past memories of the fair is when a horse thought her hair was hay and tried to eat it. So this year she thought she would brave going to visit them again. There is always a row of beautiful Clydesdale horses on display. We found one that was a bit smaller so they could reach.
Hello there pretty Rooster! There were definitely some lovely varieties of chickens. I almost considered purchasing the one that had purple plumage. Charles County fair had an outbreak of pigs transmitting a variety of flu last week, so we did not go visit our swine here just in case.
We went hunting for our friend's entries in all the various buildings. Some won place ribbons and everyone had a participation ribbon. Lydia loves all peppers so we had to check out the different kinds. She would love to grow banana peppers next year.
One of my least favorite thing is crowds. In the past here we have never gone to the amusement rides. I just can't justify paying $4 & $5 per ride. Today however all rides were just one ticket for students until 5:00. Thayne had seen the Round Up ride on a movie and wanted to try it. We stood in line for 40 minutes. Then just when we were going to embark, the ride shut down because the breaking system was having trouble. So we headed to the other side and he went into the Fun House instead.
Lydia can not ride most things of course but we found some kiddie rides that they both agreed on. A memory from this fair will be the epic fall out of the little jalopy cars. Thayne was trying to assist Lydia and a misstep, a tumble, and both were on the ground. They were laughing and the carnie was saying "She didn't hit her head"over and over. I was literally just two feet away on the other side.
It was worth the crowds. They are getting oh so much older and there probably is not many more years of them enjoying hanging out with mom as much.  There really isn't a whole lot of fair food that is worth eating here. I wasn't going to pay $8 for a large thing of french fries. So we got some kettle corn and happily munched our way back to the car after a morning well spent together.


Once there were children playing under the trees

The branches are full and hanging like the folds of a party dress ready for dancing. The apples are waiting to be picked but alas most are not worthy of being eaten by human kind. The birds and deer will eat heartily the next few weeks. Thayne and I went for a nature walk down to the big house to check things out, get some apples and view the river.

We found tiny persimmons and looked for honeysuckle. Then we noticed the old cars have been moved. Things are changing on the property and not just the color of the leaves. The old school bell that used to hang above the wooden garage is gone. The corporation is preparing the property for whatever is going to be its future.

This little bit of paradise has been our home for almost 7 years. I have lived here longer than I have lived in any house in my entire life. I am not sure that I can live in Southern Maryland and not live here. It will kind of break my heart.

When I was a late teen I had a little vision of this place. I saw the apple trees and red barn and knew that someday I would be here. When we found this rental property it felt perfect and it has been such an amazing magical place. It has been home in so many ways other than just the house.

Thayne was becoming discouraged because we had not found any honeysuckle so far on our walk. I told him it was kind of past time that it should be blossoming and he probably wouldn't find any. Just a few steps further, just like this magical place always does, there was the gift of one small branch for him.


Still trying at this Mom thing

He was ready. Everything was packed and he was excited and terrified at the same time. In retrospect, I failed. We arrived at the dropping off point and loaded cars but the adults were not quite ready. An hour & 1/2 from the time we arrived they were finally all loaded. He got into the Scout Master's car to leave and then bolted out in tears. Then we went home and he cried the whole way. He just couldn't go.

Being on the spectrum is hard when you just want to be like the other boys. I failed because we have a family rule and because he expressed a small desire to go camping, I was thrilled and relented. I thought it would be such a great triumph if he could do this. I talked to him about facing fears and be brave. I should have said no. We have a family rule and Michael is not here to attend with him. I feel like I could have saved his heartache and spared him from all the anxiety the the entire week prior if I had just followed our rule. Being non-neuro typical comes with seeing the world in a whole different way. A unique and incredible gift. He makes me smile everyday. We approach daily living in a slower more observant way. Things take a little longer to bloom around our home, but it is still amazingly beautiful.

So after five kids I am still learning, still trying to do the right thing, and still failing. It is a process and I am still just trying to be the best mom I can be.

PS: Ignore the fourth of July decorations on the mantle. It is September I will change them eventually. Another Mom fail :)