And just like that...

Right now I am breaking the rules by having my phone in bed, writing this with an app while my newly turned ten year old is snuggling.
It is the first day of Summer break and he says he wants to sleep all day. His version of staying in bed includes me though. The clock reads 8:29 and the little voice says, "Please don't leave me Mommy." I am staying.
How did ten years fly by so very quickly? He is my last and I really need Father Time to slow down the clock and let it creep for awhile.

We needed to celebrate his birthday last Saturday and the thermometer on the back porch was telling us that the zoo was going to have to wait. He and I will ride the metro up a different day.

We ask if he would like to see a Lego store. As a non-neuro typical child we rarely take him places like gigantic malls. Filled with lots and lots of people, those buildings are really hard for him. He was thrilled, didn't have any trouble at all and it was so good. He was so intrigued by people and stores, everything was new and exciting. Things are getting better and better every day.

His birthday was filled with Lego and a delightful candy shop. We laughed and played in that gigantic shopping center. We had a grand time. Sometimes things are a little harder for this sweet boy of mine, but he is loving and kind and I think will surprise us all by how he changes the world.

Happy Birthday my sweet Thayne! May this next year hold many amazing new discoveries for you.

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