This man is the love of my life. He is kind, loving,an excellent father, and currently in Northern Italy without me. Before Italy it was Yuma, Arizona. Before Yuma, California and before California it was Florida. He has been gone for a good part of this year. To be honest, most of this year and the last has been spent traveling with his job.

I would not be honest if I said I am perfectly okay with it all. This trip my phone is filling up with pictures of amazing sites and yummy food.

The most interesting thing I have encountered in my conversation with others, is how they share my lament but then the statement about money always comes up. ALWAYS! " Oh it's too bad he is gone all the time , but the money is really good right?" The variations on this question all are asking the same thing.
For the record , no he doesn't get per diem. It would be dreamy if he did. He does have a very small percentage more of his pay but money can never be a substitute for his presence. Is this what we truly value, money over togetherness?
He does get amazing food and gelato!

I adore this man! He works so hard for our family. Quite frankly he is happy when he is away from the politics and conflict of the engine shop here on base. He misses us and I am a bit jealous that Italy doesn't have me visiting too. His value to me is not in how much his paycheck is. Money is not a consolation. It pays bills, puts food on the table but has nothing to do with how valuable he is to my heart and soul.

Things will have to shift, our boy is having such a hard time with Quayde on his mission and Daddy gone too. I prayed to have an open and loving heart for this trip; so I could delight in Michael's enjoyment of the country and the food. It is amazing how prayer can take away resentment and replace it with joy. I am so loving the discoveries and beauty that is being shared through the photos. I am grateful for the technology that allows us to be close even when we are an ocean apart.