Late Spring

 Peonies from our yard brighten my day. There are only a few left but they always bloom out in a way that brings joy to my heart when I see them. I have cut a few to grace our table. Fresh flowers bring delight to my soul.
 This sweet delicate butterfly managed with Thayne's help, to be trapped in the house. It took some careful maneuvering to finally release him back to the yard.
 Thayne ran into the house yelling about two snakes dancing together. It was quite fascinating to watch them wriggle and squiggle together in their mating dance. I assume baby snakes will be on their way. Good thing we love these kind.
Our latest building project. We have designed and are building a club house for the littles. It is three feet off the ground. It now has a roof and we need to build some stairs for it. The ladder is too hard for Lydia. She has been asking for years to have her own playhouse. It will be amazing once we get it all built and decorated.
Summer is soon upon us. It feels like we are always so much busier in the Summer than any other time of year. There are scout camp, yw camp, Trek, and vacations to be experienced. Maybe there will be one week or two for just lazying around. We will see.

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