Best game

Today all of us went shopping to find Maliea some much needed clothing. Only problem was that Quayde and Thayne were getting bored quickly. They tried playing hide and seek but then Thayne was a little too loud for that.
So I came up with an awesome game that kept both boys happy for a really long time. It was a mini scavenger hunt. I would give them an item, they had to hunt and find it, then take a picture of it with Quayde's phone. They would return, show me the picture and I would send them on a new quest.
Best game ever! They totally worked together and had fun. Plus the girls and I got lots of shopping time. No one got into any trouble and neither boy was bored for the rest of the afternoon.
P.S. thank you to the kind man who let them take a picture of your mustache.

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