Eagle Court of Honor

 On February 12, 2014 our boy achieved the rank of Eagle Scout!
It was well earned. Quayde did not have anything blindly passed off and he worked his hardest to earn each of those merit badges. His Eagle Project was quite the accomplishment. The Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Foundation will have that extra large aviary enclosure for many many years. We are so very pleased with the young man that he has become.
 This evening we finally held his Court of Honor. It started out just Quayde...then he invited his friend Josh to have it with him... then it just got out of hand and three more families joined in. It made for a delightful evening in which every one was honored and had a wonderful time.

 First I was able to pin his eagle medal on him, then he gave me the most massive hug and pinned the mom's pin on me. Michael was next; we are such proud parents!  It was then Quayde's turn to give a speech on what scouting had meant to him. I am so grateful for this program that gave him goals to accomplish and helped to make him the man he is becoming today.

 We had to have a little display of his scouting career. He wore his Order of the Arrow sash for the ceremony so we had his regular one on the table. It was hard work... no lie. The paperwork to put together everything for the National Council was crazy. Quayde's hard work made this all so worthwhile. 

After the ceremony we had cake and many more delights of the palette. There was much merriment with all the families and our guests
 We are grateful to all who made this happen for these amazing boys.

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