My boy

Oh how quickly the years pass. I know it wasn't just yesterday that he was a little boy who could never wear shoes, but my heart wishes there was still more years to spend with him before he heads out to that big world out there. Motherhood has so many tears of sorrow and joy.
Tonight we celebrated Quayde's graduation from our home school. There were experiments that failed and succeeded. Art projects that ended up all over the table. Lots of time spent with friends, so much we had to remind him to stay at home to do some school work.
Quayde is strong, kind-hearted, and very much a noble man. He sometimes has a hard time believing that he is enough and I know he is worried that he doesn't know how to serve the world best. I know he is going to move mountains and influence people.

I love his sense of humor. He and I spent many hours traveling to and from his seminary class every morning at 6 am for the last several years. We have made up words and had strange discussions. Oh how I love this boy! I cherish the fact that we had those hours to grow closer to each other.
So now he closes a chapter and opens a new page. I am sure it will be filled with adventure. He loves Free Running and testing his physical limits. I can not wait to see all that Quayde achieves.

Congratulations Quayde! We are so proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming!

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