My baby is NINE! He is no longer a baby but still just as sweet and cuddly. Some times his bigger body envelops me as he cuddles. He loves green, Legos, and Pokemon. He still has trouble making the sound for the letter 'S' but he has come so far. We love his quirky sense of humor and he really is so much fun to have around. Sometimes he is too loud. But hey we all have something that we have to work on. I adore him every day! Life is so full of wonder still for him and I am glad the world never disappoints him on bringing discoveries.

 This year was Thayne's party year. He wanted to go to Medieval Times, a dinner and jousting tournament. We told him that he could choose two friends to take. Robert and Bradley joined us for an incredible evening of horses, weaponry and food!

We tried out the stocks and took in all the 'medieval' all around us. There were swords and knights and we even watched a few people become princesses.

Having a iced sugary drink was a special treat and we got to have a special cup to take home.
When we got to the arena, we found that we had front row seats right up close to where the King and his daughter, the royal Princess were sitting. Then let the games began! Falcons and horses put on a show and then the Knights....

 Two hours of pageantry and jousting was our entertainment. Then there was an evil emissary from another land that wanted to steal the princess away. Our valiant knights fought him and ended the villainous quest.
Thayne and his friends were enthralled the entire time, I had to remind them to eat the feast that was set before them. Chicken, tomato soup, potatoes, bread etc... must be eaten with your hands and no silverware. I have never seen such happy little boys as they cheered for the red knight and ate until they were stuffed.

  Thayne's birthday actually continued on Saturday the 14th which is his true day. Michael decided to treat everyone to the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon 2". It was an enjoyable time for even the bigger kids. 
Happy Birthday little man! The time goes so quick, I know this next year will be filled with adventures and fun. We love you Thayne!

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Ninny said...

What a really cool place to have a birthday!