Continuing down I-40

Driving, driving driving.... our kiddos are such good travelers. Although I have to admit this trip we are pretty plugged in. Laptops, tablets, Nintendo, mp3 players etc... part of me is urgggg but we all listen to audio books all along the way. Each morning as we head down the interstate, Quayde and I start the morning off with his seminary lesson. He will be missing several weeks of class so we have the manual and are doing it as we go. He will get full credit when we get back.
 Arkansas. Most of the trips when we have been traveling I-40 we just travel on through this state without much of a thought. It had the nicest welcome center and bathroom stop! We ran around got our blood moving, laughed and played for a little while. It's so very important to run around.
 Thayne was deeply involved in some kind of video on my phone. Maliea introduced him to old Digimon movies and he loves them. When you are in the van for so many hours, a little break from the road view is important too.
On the map this park looked like it was going to be a wonderful spot for our lunch picnic. Not so much but we overlooked the graffiti and the loud traffic and ate. Thayne had a major meltdown here. He was crying and crying that if we were rich we would be eating out. We told him if we were rich we still would be having a picnic. Admittedly we were kind of laughing a lot behind his back because he was just being so over the top.
On the road headed to our stop in Oklahoma....

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