Nashville and the Parthenon

 The Parthenon was our next adventure. The bottom is a art museum that has a variety of paintings in it. There were no pictures allowed on the bottom floor. The one here in Nashville is a replica of the one that is in Greece, this one being completely intact of course.
 Originally it was part of a grand fair from a bygone area, with building replicas from all over the world. Today this is the only one left and it is at the heart of a beautiful park.

The beautiful goddess Athena towers over us as we are completely astounded by just how big she is. There is so much detail and the kids just were in amazement. Her shield has symbols and every little part of her body was designed with meaning. We took so many pictures but the lighting was low so she could glow.

There was so much to take in. All the work that was created to try to get things exactly like they would have been in Greece. It was really fascinating and gave the kids a great perspective on the culture of the time when it was used. Of course all of them but Thayne have already studied Greek mythology and so it was a lot of fun to hear them all discussing the gods and the myths.
It was a nice break from driving but we are finding it a little challenging to park with a Uhaul trailer attached to the back of the van. On to the open road again I think we are sleeping in Arkansas next.

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