Time shifting..I know most say that time sails by quickly as the children are getting older. I haven't found that I have lost any time though. It has been full, very full and happy. With many layers of play & tears, toys & school , it has been a wonderful life. They are becoming grown ups and it is time for us to expand.

Our foyer area is the gathering place for props, feathers and hope of happily ever after. She is excited and wanting time to go faster so she can be with him and not 2500 miles away.
My heart is so happy for her and that she has an amazing, honorable man who loves her so tenderly. I can't wait for her to step into eternity with him. Yet, as we are silly and laughing together this evening, my heart aches knowing she will be so far away and that our moments of being 'loose cannons' are limited.

He took the test for his permit this afternoon. He is pleased with himself and happy to join the ranks of drivers on the road. Tomorrow I know he will want to drive to his seminary class at 6 am. I am wondering if I can be brave enough to let him cross that psycho roadway to get to the other side.
He still loves me, just like when he was a little boy. He is becoming an incredible man. Next year, he too will be leaving and we will have to shift again.
So the heart must remain open and enjoy all that life is offering. Time is precious, but it is precious every moment whether they are 8 or 17 or 25. There are joys and struggles in each cycle. That is what makes our time together as a family irreplaceable.


Stina said...

Wow! I am so out of the loop! I am in complete denial that those are your kids' ages!! No way!! You guys are wonderful and I miss you!!

Magical Mom said...

I now, it really is amazing how they grow into these incredible people despite all my screw ups. :)