In the early morning before the hint of sun rays touch my quiet backyard, I have noticed the change. The change that September always brings as the earth turns and Summer is left behind. This year the trees feel it too, as the leaves are already giving way to shifting their colors. September has always felt to me like it should be where the calendar lets go and starts anew.

Last week I went back to my old blog to create it into a book for myself and my children to reflect on. I realized how much I missed blogging, how I missed the community and how much it was my journal of our amazing journey here. I also knew that I just couldn't pick up with where I had ended.

Things are shifting and changing so much in our lives, in good ways that are challenging. My darlings have grown into tender, kind and loving souls. My littles are not so little anymore. We have a wedding next month and we adore the young man who will bring my strong warrior daughter peace and love to her life. With this marriage comes parting as she goes back to Arizona to start her bliss with him.

So it is time I think to renew, to start blogging/journaling again. To stretch and feel, to shift and grow and to record so when the time comes around again I can re-read and understand myself a little more.